Thursday, May 26, 2011

Seeing Double

Since when is Selma Blair raiding my closet?! Seems like we both love Winter Kate's Mulberry top with a relaxed pair of cuffed denim..It's pretty much my uniform for summer!!

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

The Stones are Coming!

 I've always loved this line...there's something to be said about dreamy jewels showcased in unique gold plated settings, a girl just can't resist! A great pair of earrings can change an outfit from day to evening, casual to dressy, drab to fab. Simply put: everyone must have a pair! Citrine by the Stones was founded 5 years ago by a mother-daughter(s) team from Peru. They gather inspiration from their travels and education and responsibly handcraft each decadent piece in their Miami and Peru studios. They are firm believers in giving back and support various charities, including Bridges Across Borders & Operation Green Leaves. So basically they are helping the planet and its people with their jewelry! Below are 4 styles that we are expected to receive in the next couple of weeks; I urge you to come see them in person! Happy Memorial Day!!
Adonis gold
Adonis earring- classic Citrine piece

Long Stone Shimmer Moonstone
MY FAV!! Inca earring w/ raspberry quartz
African chandelier w/ citrine

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Out of Africa

Born in Paris, raised in Cairo, Nathalie Sergent is a nomad at heart. 15 years ago she drove from France through Africa and eventually put her bags down in Kenya. For many years she lived in the bush in a tent and with her solar powered sewing machine made hats to be worn in Ascot and glamorous weddings in France, England or Japan. In the last 5 years she established her workshop in Nairobi and designed clothes using the bold prints cherished by Swahili women, leather bags, belts and beaded accessories.

Nathalie worked with communities of Maasai women, using their traditional beading techniques to create a unique afro-fusion style. She supplied a number of designers, the likes of Donna Karan, Christina Kim of Dosa, Henri Beguelin, etc. More recently, designing jewelery has taken precedent. An eclectic designer, Nathalie's inspiration is very organic, tribal as well as glamorous. She likes mixing materials such as leather, gold and stones. Come check out her pieces at Pink... here for a limited time!

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Made in Heaven

The Paris, cropped

The Oslo- Mid-rise, long slim leg

The Oslo, mid-rise, long slim leg (dark wash)

I'm absolutely in love with this new denim line we're carrying, MiH! The designer reincarnated her godfather's line Made in Heaven in 1969, and now has celeberties like Sarah Jessica Parker and Cameron Diaz crazy for denim! Check out their story here: We have more styles on order for Summer and Fall, so stop in a check them out! As MiH says: "We dress some of the best bums in the world!"

Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Mommy Dearest

Despite my previous claim that mannequins have no feelings in general, I think our gals are trying to tell us something on this particular Wednesday morning...Unless you live under a rock, you know that this Sunday May 8th is Mother's Day, which means you should all at least have thought about how you're going to honor that special woman in your life! Judging by our mannequin's apperances, I can only assume that they are from the same mommy mannequin; I'd like to think she was one of the originals at Miller & Rhoads department store- or better yet, maybe she was the first to stand in those oh-so-famous windows at 34th & 6th Ave in NYC at none other than the Macy's flagship store- how glamorous would that be?! In all actuality though, their "mom" is probably an assembly line decorated with all sorts of machines and robots programmed to mix fiber glass and pour it into arm and leg molds..but just for today, let's pretend their mom is in the mannequin Hall of Fame (if only there was such a place!). 
What does a mannequin daughter get for her mom?! Can't take her what about a new outfit? Perhaps she would love the new Elizabeth & James metallic shorts with a cropped, cream ruffle tee by Joie Soft, topped off with the Twinkle Lion Head necklace. Or maybe she wants to play dress up in the new black & white striped Kirribilla number- it's tea-time appropriate! And you know she HAS to have that Rebecca Minkoff bag! Don't forget about shoes either...she probably needs a pair of Soludos for kicking around in the Richmond heat this summer..and what will she wear to that summer wedding?! Perhaps a pair of nude patent leather heels by Butter (did I mention hand made in Italy?!)
Mannequin or not, mom will love any of these items...and to honor YOUR wallet, we're offering 20% off any regular priced item (shoes or clothes) starting tomorrow, Thursday May 5th through Sunday May 8th. The store is fully stocked with spring and we're ready to help you pick that perfect gift for mom. 
xo jr