Tuesday, November 29, 2011

The Blouse: An Alternative to the Party Dress

Now that Thanksgiving has flown by, it's time for holiday gatherings to commence- complete with decorations, egg nog and anything sequined! In years past, I have always equivocated a holiday party with a fancy cocktail dress- maybe this is because since the time I was little I've leapt at any opportunity to dress up in anything remotely shiny..However, now that I'm more, ahem, mature, I've started to venture out in the lavish-blouse world. So this holiday season I'm going to shake things up- divulge in the unexpected (for me, at least!) and break out of my cocktail dress-induced party haze. Here are some of my favorite blouse- inspired holiday outfits, available at Pink NOW!!
Tucker Blouse w/ Lauren Moffatt navy satin skirt

E&J blush tuxedo shirt w/ 12th St by Cynthia Vincent crushed velvet skirt (can be a dress too!)

Tucker lace blouse w/ metallic skirt w/ leather trim by Tibi

Joe's skinny jeans in Topaz w/ sequin shell by Heartloom and navy satin Lauren Moffatt blazer

Happy Shopping!

Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Get Your Shine On

One of the reasons why I love working the holidays is that I get to see LOTS of familiar faces. And  this deal is all the more reason to come shop with us this Holiday Weekend!! We'll all be here and hopefully you will too!


Monday, November 14, 2011

What to Wear for Turkey Day

Can you believe that Thanksgiving is NEXT week?! Me neither.. And I can hardly stand the fact that they are installing the annual Christmas decorations in Cary Court, as we speak. Slow down people!
Aside from day dreaming about stuffing, cranberry sauce and sweet potato casserole (no turkey for this pescatarian), I'm still struggling with the age-old question: What am I going to wear?! So I scoured the racks and came up with some ideas..
perfect for Thanksgiving Eve drinks: dress by Sam & Lavi, vest by The Battalion

Can you say comfy?? Get your fork and knife ready in these leggings by Snug and Daftbird top

For the more formal Thanksgiving Dinner: 7FAMK cords with a Joie silk tank and G&S lurex blazer
Perfect shopping tote(Rebecca Minkoff) for all your Black Friday purchases @ Pink!
Keeping it casual for all those Black Friday savings: cords by Joe's, top by Joie, sweater by Daftbird.

Of course we have more options than listed above- just thought I'd give you a preview! However we do have all of the above in stock. We'll be open until 4pm on the Wednesday before Thanksgiving and open normal business hours the Friday after- which we've decided to rename: Pink Friday!
Some come on in and let's give thanks for fashion!!!
Happy Turkey Day!


Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Deck The Halls- but not quite yet please!!

Breaking news: I just saw a news story on MSNBC with a story that Nordstrom will not celebrate/decorate for Christmas until Black Friday. God bless them and let's hope other retailers follow their lead. Please, one holiday at a time! I think the joy of the holidays have been ruined by commercialization. Nobody loved Christmas more than me but years of retailers advertising the holiday earlier and earlier has made it ugly. I used to love Christmas music ... Mom and I would pull out sing-along with Mitch Miller and sing carols all night and we were glued to the tv, watching Christmas specials with Dean Martin and their ilk. Those were the days! Retailers did great business without reminding us every second from Oct 15th to Dec 24th with advertisements. So I raise my eggnog to Nordstrom and say hallelujah!

Saturday, November 5, 2011


Everyone has experienced a "bad day at work," but not everyone chooses the same coping strategies to deal with the stress {mine would involve throwing back a fishbowl of wine}. Enter a new, sweet customer, Megan. She was wandering through the store yesterday, approachable, with a friendly smile on her face. As she was indecisively trying on knit hats, I asked her, if there was anything else she was looking for. She turned to me and simply confessed, almost relieved to put it out there:

"I had a bad day, so I bought chocolate, bread... I am going to eat my feelings and buy something really expensive!!"

What I loved the most about this statement was that it was pure honesty.

Libby and I listened to her, because there was so much more background than just a tough work day. We also did NOT let her buy anything really expensive that she would later regret. However, she picked out the Rebecca Taylor faux furry jacket for the photo, as the would-have-been-impulse purchase!


Retail Therapist

P.S. Thanks to Carytown local businesses, For the Love of Chocolate and Jean Jacques Bakery for helping Megan to reach her Happy Place :)