Monday, December 5, 2011

Gift Wrap for Jack

Dear Friends,
        Happy Holidays!! It’s hard to believe that 2012 is almost upon us. I hope this letter finds you and your family well. I’m writing to share some exciting and inspiring news about Pink’s Annual Charity Gift Wrap. As many of you know, Pink’s Charity Gift Wrap has supported several local organizations in the past, including The Battered Women’s Shelter and the Virginia Food Bank. This year I proposed to do something different with the proceeds, some- thing very personal to me. You may know that I have three half-siblings on my dad’s side: Sophie, who will be nine in just a few weeks, and seven year old twins, Jack and Emma. About a year ago, Jack was diagnosed with Duchene’s Disease. More commonly known as Muscular Dystrophy, Duchene’s disease is characterized by general muscle weakness starting in the legs and working its way up, eventually leading to paralysis sometime between the late teens to early twenties. Researchers are currently working to find a cure, but until one is found, the disease is terminal.
      Of course this is devastating news for anyone to receive, and my family certainly went through a period of frustration and sadness. But we have decided to focus on what Jack can do and realize that the best way to support him is to stay positive and give him the opportunity to have a happy childhood. Children affected with MD usually start expressing symptoms before or around the age of five, but are still able to function without braces or a wheelchair until nine or ten, and so far Jack is following this pattern. Despite the difficulties, we want him to have normal childhood--whether it be through trips to Water Country USA or playing soccer in the front yard. Our goal is to make him feel like a child first: love him unconditionally, encourage him to develop his independence, and answer any questions he may have along the way.
      By participating in Gift Wrap for Jack, you will be directly supporting Jack. The money raised will go towards medical expenses, including a bi-annual trip to Cincinatti for check-ups, and necessary home modifications. The charity wrap will be available through Christmas. I truly appreciate your participation in something that is so close to my heart. 

Warm Wishes,

Tuesday, November 29, 2011

The Blouse: An Alternative to the Party Dress

Now that Thanksgiving has flown by, it's time for holiday gatherings to commence- complete with decorations, egg nog and anything sequined! In years past, I have always equivocated a holiday party with a fancy cocktail dress- maybe this is because since the time I was little I've leapt at any opportunity to dress up in anything remotely shiny..However, now that I'm more, ahem, mature, I've started to venture out in the lavish-blouse world. So this holiday season I'm going to shake things up- divulge in the unexpected (for me, at least!) and break out of my cocktail dress-induced party haze. Here are some of my favorite blouse- inspired holiday outfits, available at Pink NOW!!
Tucker Blouse w/ Lauren Moffatt navy satin skirt

E&J blush tuxedo shirt w/ 12th St by Cynthia Vincent crushed velvet skirt (can be a dress too!)

Tucker lace blouse w/ metallic skirt w/ leather trim by Tibi

Joe's skinny jeans in Topaz w/ sequin shell by Heartloom and navy satin Lauren Moffatt blazer

Happy Shopping!

Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Get Your Shine On

One of the reasons why I love working the holidays is that I get to see LOTS of familiar faces. And  this deal is all the more reason to come shop with us this Holiday Weekend!! We'll all be here and hopefully you will too!


Monday, November 14, 2011

What to Wear for Turkey Day

Can you believe that Thanksgiving is NEXT week?! Me neither.. And I can hardly stand the fact that they are installing the annual Christmas decorations in Cary Court, as we speak. Slow down people!
Aside from day dreaming about stuffing, cranberry sauce and sweet potato casserole (no turkey for this pescatarian), I'm still struggling with the age-old question: What am I going to wear?! So I scoured the racks and came up with some ideas..
perfect for Thanksgiving Eve drinks: dress by Sam & Lavi, vest by The Battalion

Can you say comfy?? Get your fork and knife ready in these leggings by Snug and Daftbird top

For the more formal Thanksgiving Dinner: 7FAMK cords with a Joie silk tank and G&S lurex blazer
Perfect shopping tote(Rebecca Minkoff) for all your Black Friday purchases @ Pink!
Keeping it casual for all those Black Friday savings: cords by Joe's, top by Joie, sweater by Daftbird.

Of course we have more options than listed above- just thought I'd give you a preview! However we do have all of the above in stock. We'll be open until 4pm on the Wednesday before Thanksgiving and open normal business hours the Friday after- which we've decided to rename: Pink Friday!
Some come on in and let's give thanks for fashion!!!
Happy Turkey Day!


Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Deck The Halls- but not quite yet please!!

Breaking news: I just saw a news story on MSNBC with a story that Nordstrom will not celebrate/decorate for Christmas until Black Friday. God bless them and let's hope other retailers follow their lead. Please, one holiday at a time! I think the joy of the holidays have been ruined by commercialization. Nobody loved Christmas more than me but years of retailers advertising the holiday earlier and earlier has made it ugly. I used to love Christmas music ... Mom and I would pull out sing-along with Mitch Miller and sing carols all night and we were glued to the tv, watching Christmas specials with Dean Martin and their ilk. Those were the days! Retailers did great business without reminding us every second from Oct 15th to Dec 24th with advertisements. So I raise my eggnog to Nordstrom and say hallelujah!

Saturday, November 5, 2011


Everyone has experienced a "bad day at work," but not everyone chooses the same coping strategies to deal with the stress {mine would involve throwing back a fishbowl of wine}. Enter a new, sweet customer, Megan. She was wandering through the store yesterday, approachable, with a friendly smile on her face. As she was indecisively trying on knit hats, I asked her, if there was anything else she was looking for. She turned to me and simply confessed, almost relieved to put it out there:

"I had a bad day, so I bought chocolate, bread... I am going to eat my feelings and buy something really expensive!!"

What I loved the most about this statement was that it was pure honesty.

Libby and I listened to her, because there was so much more background than just a tough work day. We also did NOT let her buy anything really expensive that she would later regret. However, she picked out the Rebecca Taylor faux furry jacket for the photo, as the would-have-been-impulse purchase!


Retail Therapist

P.S. Thanks to Carytown local businesses, For the Love of Chocolate and Jean Jacques Bakery for helping Megan to reach her Happy Place :)

Friday, October 28, 2011

Pink: On the street in RVA!

It is my day off from work and met up with some girlfriends for coffee at Lamplighter. We are three tall brunettes, fashionably dressed in head-to-toe black, ready to decompress and share our trials and tribulations of Motherhood. While sipping on a beautifully prepared latte, I look up and see Pink customer, Jamie D., sporting a Rebecca Taylor cream jacquard/black polka dot trim blouse, purchased from our recent Rebecca Taylor trunk show, and Tucker's cream faux fur jacket. Of course, she gladly accepted my request to snap a pic and be blogged about.
I love to see Pink on the street, so beware... YOU may be spotted next!



Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Nail Trend Alert

A friend of mine has been fixated on owning a matte black car for over a year now, and when he first mentioned that to me, I never thought it would become a trend.. but lately, I've noticed more and more matte black cars- and it seems to be somewhat of a status symbol now, believe it or not. But who would have thought that would translate to nails?? Not me. Now, I must be honest with you here- I didn't come up with this idea all by myself..I had a little help from my new favorite obsession: Some have said that I'm late jumping on this bandwagon, but for me, it's right on time. If you haven't checked it out, do so, but don't blame me when all of a sudden 4 hours have gone by and you've done NOTHING except make your board for your Dream Home or Place You Want to Go. Anyways, I found a similar picture on pinterest not too long ago and have been fixated ever since. So on my day off, I decided to treat myself to a little mani/pedi with my girl Csi (pronounced "Chi" at Eliz's Nails on Forest Hill). I explained what I wanted as best that I could, but in the end, I had to pull up a pic on my archaic iPhone 3G(someone please get me the 4S!) and after studying the photo, she said she would try. Apparently I was the first one to have such a request, but I'm sure I won't be the last! But seriously, how perfect is a matte black French manicure for Halloween?! Pretty close to perfection. 
Trick or Treat!

Friday, October 21, 2011

Even my iPad is Fashionable...

5 reasons why I love this iPad cover:
1. The color: Orange is my new black; plus, it's easy to find in my bag!
2. It's vegan and supported by PETA
3. The price: it's only 58 bucks!
4. It has a handle for easy transport
5. Doesn't it make me look smarter?! 

Come in a get one for yourself or for a loved one! 


Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Calling All Cold Weather!

Hats, gloves and ear muffs are baaaaccckk! Just in time for a cool down.. check out how cute Tori looks in some of the new styles!!

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Sweet Little Short Film

This film makes me want to dress more feminine...and own a bunny...and re-watch Alice in Wonderland again, all at the same time!



Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Old vs. New

   After those 9 or 10 days under the dismal low pressure front (or whatever caused the never ending dreary weather), I was not only looking forward to my trip to sunny LA, but it was a necessity. I'm pretty sure that my vitamin D count was lower than low thanks to the week and a half of rain here in VA.  So why was I going to LA, you wonder? Well, I was hired by a local agency (who happen to be good friends) to assist with their annual photo shoot. Did I have to think about it? Absolutely not. It was a "yes" before the question even came out of their mouths! So I didn't mind waking up at 3:30am to catch a 5am flight, not one bit..and I definitely didn't mind stepping off the plane at 9:30am to sunny, 75 degree LA weather.
     Fear not- we weren't lounging by the pool, sipping Mai Tai's all day- we actually worked our tails off through the weekend. Therefore, when Monday rolled around, we thought we deserved to have a little fun.. so we drove up the coast to Malibu and ate at a fabulous restaurant where Sunset Blvd meets the Pacific Coast Highway- Gladstones, if you ever find yourself out that way. And then took a drive up to The Getty Villa. Now, I am no art connoisseur, however this museum is a must if you're in Malibu. Let's see if I can regurgitate a brief history of the place for you: Getty was a wealthy oil mogul who loved to collect art- especially antiquities. He started to display the pieces in his home, but even after an addition was built, there was still too much to house. So he commissioned an architect to replicate a villa found buried at the base of Pompeii- most of the home had perished in the eruption, but somehow the drawings were found intact. Getty passed away before seeing the villa with his own eyes, but having been there first hand, I can truly say that I felt as if I was transported back in time.
   Now you're probably wondering, "what on earth does all this have to do with pink/fashion?" well, perhaps my favorite part of the whole museum was the room of jewels...yea, now we're talking! As i perused the bobbles, I noticed that the pieces felt really familiar to me despite the fact that they were from 400AD and earlier..and it's because I HAD just seen these styles! Here I was, looking at current trends in jewelry but from 1600 years ago! Even the hooks and clasps were the same.. which just goes to show that fashion really is recycled! go on, see for yourself..
snakes- then and now

rams head cuff

statement bracelets

look at the hook!

So who knows- maybe one day, the far, far away future, there will be a museum with things we think are trendy now, and someone like me will be looking at the items thinking "I would totally wear that NOW!".. if only I could have figured out a way to break into that case..


Monday, September 26, 2011


Saturday morning, despite the rain, Rebecca and I got all dressed up in our Spiders team colors and set off to Robins Stadium to tailgate before the big game.  We had it all planned out- we brought tons of pink cups and coupons to giveaway, and packed the quintessential tailgate foodies. But when we pulled up to the lot and were asked to present our pass, the blank stares on our faces said it all- defeat. We asked if there was a way to obtain a pass just for the day and the long and short of it was simply "No." There must have been some fine print overlooked on our behalf, but we didn't give up. We forged our way around, and around, and around and around campus (which is very pretty, btw) until we had talked to every person in a yellow shirt about where we could potentially set up our little satellite pink station. We decided that unless we could be in the "cool" lots, our mission would not be accomplished. So we left. 

Don't worry though, we'll try again! But in the meantime, we have tons of coupons and cups to give away! Not to mention, our raffle prize has increased in value, so stop by and enter to win a $200 gift certificate!!! 

jr & rm

Friday, September 23, 2011

...and we're back!!

I am SO embarrassed that our last post was almost TWO months ago!! Where does the time go?!

Well, fear not- we're back in action now (especially since I just got my new laptop in the mail this week- thanks Rebecca!!).  We've been busy transitioning into Fall, which officially started this morning at 5:05- funny, seeing how its 80 degrees still! But you wouldn't be able to tell inside the store- it's full of fabulous sweaters, to-die-for boots and perfect party dresses. So if you haven't stopped in, please do..and we'll put an order in for the weather to change!

In other news, Rebecca and I will be braving the rain tomorrow morning at Robins Stadium, joining thousands of U of R students and their families for a good, old fashioned tailgate. If you're in the area, stop by and sign up for our raffle and say hi...and remember to wear your red and blue!! GOOOOO Spiders!!


Thursday, July 28, 2011

Any thoughts??

Hello everyone! It's been a few weeks, but we've haven't forgotten about you...

As you know, part of our job is having our finger on the pulse of fashion- new designers, new collections, new trends etc.. true, we have a variety of resources to help us keep up, but sometimes we just want to know what you think/like/want to see in the store. And now, another market is upon us this coming weekend- Holiday/Resort collections are up for grabs this time. I want to ask you, our faithful customer :), is there anything you're just dying for us to bring into the store?? Something we've overlooked? A new trend that only you've heard about?!  You're comments are ALWAYS welcomed and appreciated! Without you there would be no us.... :)
Thanks for your continuous support!!

Thursday, June 30, 2011

Fashion for the 4th

Velvet skirt, daftbird top, E & J jacket
So the fourth is upon us- it's time for cookouts, fireworks and red, white & blue! Our lovely Bex put together some of her favorite looks for the holiday (even though she's from Zimbabwe and has no clue as to why we need fireworks and hotdogs to celebrate our independence) but she got into the spirit regardless! Go USA!

DVF dress

7FAMK shorts, Joie Soft striped tank, Saludos shoes & Krisa button down

La Mer red patent wrap watch & La Mer cobalt wrap watch

Wren open back dress & Romygold white leather bag

E & J romper & Rebecca Minkoff striped hobo

Textile by E &J red shorts, daftbird tee& Nation denim linen button down
There you have it! Something for every 4th of July occasion. Happy Celebrating!


Saturday, June 11, 2011

Wedding Weekend Wardrobe 411

first things first: rock out @ the bachelorette party in this Elizabeth & James Romper. Top is off with a cool neck piece like this Carol Marie one we just got in..
Next up: Bridal brunch.. keep it dressy casual in this silk Rebecca Taylor floral top and E & J metallic shorts. The final touch? Layer two necklaces by Perverted Pearl- love the mammoth bone skull & pearls!

Finally, the main event. Need I say more? Winter Kate maxi.
Rehearsal dinner: Can't beat this tiered ruffle Shoshana number..paired with the best necklace ever, how can you go wrong?!

 If I had a dollar for every time someone said to me: "Oh, you're at that age..I remember when all of my friends got married etc etc.." I would have at least half of the amount of  money I've spent thus far on all of these weddings! Don't get me wrong- I'm so happy for all of my friends who are tying the knot (Jessica & Josh, Sarah & Kurt, Heather & Reid, Dargan & John and Max & Amy- I wasn't kidding about being on the wedding circuit!) But let's face it..weddings=$$$ and not just for the father of the bride! In the end, it's always worth it..the first dance, the fight for the bouquet and of course, the cake! I guess I could be practical and just wear something I already have, but where's the fun in that?! So I put together my fantasy wedding weekend wardrobe with some of our new summer digs.. These outfits are perfect for a destination wedding in a place like Charleston- a laid back beach town with old town, southern charm. Is it a coincidence that I'm heading there on Monday for a wedding....??? :)

Here's to Happily Ever After!!! xoxo


Monday, June 6, 2011

Move Over Royal Wedding..Here Come Heather & Reid!

Well, it finally happened- the closest thing to a Pink vacation in 20-some odd years!! Thanks to Heather (a former Pink employee) and Reid's nuptials, we all packed up and made the 7 hour trek down 95 to Charleston, SC. It was a  weekend to remember, filled with bluegrass bands, barbeque and plenty of beer- and a perfect wedding ceremony to top it all off! We were very lucky to have a weekend of impeccable beach weather- endless amounts of sunshine without a cloud in the sky. A big thanks to Angie, Dawn and Bex for holding down the Pink fort while we were all off celebrating with the happy couple! And thanks to Heather and Reid for letting us all share this amazing time with you and your family!!!
Mother & daughter

Pink family! From left: Rebecca, Beth, Susan, Libby, Heather/bride, Katie & Jaime

Rebecca and ed @ the Cotton Dock, wedding reception

Jaime & the happy bride!

Deborah & Bill @ Cotton Dock

Martha doing what she does best!

Rebecca & Ed

Heather/bride, Katie (Pink veteran) & Reid/groom

Katie & her daughter, Lily

Reid, Heather, Evan (honorary Pink employee) & Jaime

Thursday, May 26, 2011

Seeing Double

Since when is Selma Blair raiding my closet?! Seems like we both love Winter Kate's Mulberry top with a relaxed pair of cuffed denim..It's pretty much my uniform for summer!!