Saturday, November 5, 2011


Everyone has experienced a "bad day at work," but not everyone chooses the same coping strategies to deal with the stress {mine would involve throwing back a fishbowl of wine}. Enter a new, sweet customer, Megan. She was wandering through the store yesterday, approachable, with a friendly smile on her face. As she was indecisively trying on knit hats, I asked her, if there was anything else she was looking for. She turned to me and simply confessed, almost relieved to put it out there:

"I had a bad day, so I bought chocolate, bread... I am going to eat my feelings and buy something really expensive!!"

What I loved the most about this statement was that it was pure honesty.

Libby and I listened to her, because there was so much more background than just a tough work day. We also did NOT let her buy anything really expensive that she would later regret. However, she picked out the Rebecca Taylor faux furry jacket for the photo, as the would-have-been-impulse purchase!


Retail Therapist

P.S. Thanks to Carytown local businesses, For the Love of Chocolate and Jean Jacques Bakery for helping Megan to reach her Happy Place :)

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